Make your own cardboard for the Nord AR launch

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Hi friends,

Missed out on the Nord AR Cardboard? Don’t worry, that’s nothing a little DIY won’t fix. It’s time to roll your sleeves up and make your own.

You may have heard, but on July 21 we’re unveiling Nord in the world’s first smartphone launch done entirely in AR. We’re never first for the sake of being first at OnePlus, but seeing as we are this time, we’d thought we’d make a pretty big deal about it.

The Nord AR Cardboard is the ultimate companion to the Nord AR launch and will ensure you get the full experience on July 21. Oh, and you can also kickstart your AR experience ahead of the event with an immersive launch countdown, so you can watch the seconds tick by if you’re feverishly excited for Nord.

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough Nord AR Cardboards to go around to everyone. So we’re giving you a way to make your own. It’s almost like we’ve thought of everything.

Creating your own Nord AR Cardboard is simple, all you need to do is follow these five steps:

1. Print the “Nord Cardboard Design”

2. Make sure you print the document to scale and in color
3. Print it (the thicker the paper the better)
4. Feel free to stick the printed image to a piece of cardboard
5. Enjoy the full Nord AR experience!

Once you’ve printed your Nord AR Cardboard, scan the QR code to download the Nord AR App available from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

We hope you have fun doing a little DIY. We’ll see you on July 21.

Here’s to New Beginnings. Original Source: Oneplus forums Website

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